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Alana’s Birth Story


Well where do I start!!! Firstly, if you are sitting with your laptop and trying to decide on the details of your ‘birth plan’, then stop right now and FORGET IT!!! If our story is anything to go off then there is no point in planning anything because it will just end up turning out completely differently!!

So, it all started on Monday 3rd October at 21:30 when I went for a casual wee and ended up having the ‘show’. I know the exact time because I was texting my sister and asking what the heck it was that I was seeing haha!! Liane told me that this may be the start of labour so I should try and head to bed just in case!! Josh and I really didn’t want to get our hopes up that Bubba H was on their way so I just decided to have a shower and wash my hair as I hadn’t washed it in a while (the joys of being on maternity leave and being an absolute pregnant tramp).  I had my shower, dried my hair, gave it a little straighten and then got ready for bed.   I started feeling little pains but nothing I hadn’t already experienced (Braxton Hicks) so I headed to bed about 23:00.  I convinced Josh to come to bed too as he would need to be alert and have energy if this was to be the real deal.

Well, no sleep was had on my part as I kept waking up with pains that were a little stronger than what I had experienced before. Obviously Josh managed to sleep as he always seems to be able to do!  I decided to have a bath and see if the pains wore off.. Nope. I tried the gym ball;  it helped at first but then.. Nope.  I could feel that they were not going to be dying down anytime soon!!!  I had rented a TENS machine in hope that it would ease the pain.. NOPE!!!!!  I didn’t know it at the time but apparently I was already way too far along in labour for that to help at all! Josh and I had been timing my contractions and at 03:28 my contractions were 4/5 minutes apart and lasting around a minute.  We had been taught at a parenting class at the hospital that this was supposed to be the appropriate time to head into hospital so I called the Women’s Hospital, told them about my contractions and explained that as this was our first baby, we weren’t too sure if we needed to head in or what?!  The midwife on the phone said that given it was our first labour, it would more than likely be a while yet till we needed to go in and that if we went in, we would probably be sent home.  As such, they said that they would prefer us to stay at home and wait for my contractions to be 2-3 minutes apart, lasting for a minute each and continuing like that for an hour before going in.  We hadn’t been through this before so naively we listened and stayed at home..

I ran ANOTHER bath and took a paracetamol which did not work and I was in a lot of pain and over the next hour, the pains kept getting stronger! I started to lose more blood and I wasn’t too sure if this was  meant to happen so Josh decided we should call the hospital again and go and get checked!! As Josh was on the phone to the hospital, I ended up falling onto our bed in absolute agony and feeling like I needed to push!!!! YUP, you read that right, PUSH!! They told Josh that we should now head to hospital but by this point, I literally could not move.  I was in so much pain and felt like this baby was coming at any moment!!! Josh told the midwife that I couldn’t move and she told him that he should call an ambulance straight away!

At 04:47, Josh called 999, an ambulance was sent to us and they stayed on the phone till the ambulance arrived.  The whole time it was on route I was biting and squealing into my bra (it was the closest thing to me and I needed something to bite on!).  On his way home from work that afternoon, Josh had felt strongly that he needed to pick up some maternity mats to put on our bed just in case my waters broke (Josh did not want to buy a new mattress haha!).  Absolute miracle!! I don’t know what we would have done without them!!   Liquids were going here, there and everywhere and our room would have been ruined if we didn’t have them haha!!  The man on the phone was prepping Josh to deliver the baby just in case the ambulance didn’t arrive in time!!  Poor Josh; I would have hated to be in a situation like that where he was watching his loved one in so much pain with nothing he could do to stop it and then having to process how to deliver our baby whilst juggling finding the hospital bags and mopping the mess up!  15 minutes later the ambulance arrived and Josh could breathe a small sigh of relief.  At this stage, I had no dignity left; the paramedics walked in only to be greeted with me on all fours butt naked!  Definitely not the most flattering moment of my life!  The paramedics were keen to get me to the hospital to have the baby as they hadn’t really come prepared to deliver a baby and that’s exactly what I wanted too!! Having this baby at home was my worst nightmare and I had never imagined that this is how the birth of our first child would end up!  However, my contractions were so close together and all I wanted to do was push so I got back onto the bed as there was no way i could make it downstairs and into the ambulance; I could barely get off the bed.  

A second set of paramedics arrived at about 05:20 and they were more prepared for me to give birth so that made us feel a little better!  I FINALLY got some gas and air too (well, once they managed to turn it on for me as they couldn’t get it going for a while) but I might as well not have had it as Bubba H was about to be born already!!  We had no idea how dilated I was and neither did the paramedics, but when I had the urge to push again, they told me to go for it.  At one point, all 4 paramedics thought I was delivering the placenta first which was a bit scary as they all looked pretty concerned but they got me to turn over to lie on my back and they could see some hair so then I kept pushing with every contraction.  I pushed and pushed and a few minutes later at 05:37 (2 days before her due date), our beautiful Alana Riley Herycz was born!!!

img_0122-1 img_0123

Yup, it really was that fast and that scary!!!!  Definitely not how I wanted to give birth to our Bubba H but Alana arrived safe and sound and I couldn’t have wished for anything more!!  We then headed in the Ambulance to the hospital to have our checks!! All was well!

img_0132 img_0154img_0149-1

In the space of a week, Josh and I have learnt that sleep doesn’t matter and that even at 3am, we can still have fun and laugh (we may just be getting delirious haha!!).  We can’t put into words how much love we already have for our little princess.  We may be biased, but in our eyes, she is perfect and we can’t believe how cute she is.  I already love being a mum and wouldn’t change it for anything in the world – well, minus the stitches and the stinging every time I wee hahaha!! This has been the fastest but most amazing week of our lives!!

Alana Riley Herycz.. we love you!!!!


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  1. Sarah scott

    Hey Jenna,
    My sister Rachael just fb me a link to your blog as she thought I could relate to your experience. So sorry to hear what you had to go through, I bet it took a lot of courage to get through that. I went through a similar experience with having s traumatic delivery and awful complications after, though thankfully I was in the hospital! Without getting into all the details, I was also left to survive on paracetamol and codiene (which did nothing) until 20mins before I delivered and finally got given gas and air. Anyway if you feel Like you want to talk to someone whose been through a similarish experience just to get your head around what happened then feel free to drop me a message on Fb. All the best with your new baby x

  2. Danielle

    Hey Jenna,
    I loved reading your birth story 🙂 having bubs at home was my worst nightmare too! Well done though hun, and you went through pretty much the whole birth naturally. Lovely pictures too. Made me laugh about your dignity! Lol, you do lose it for a bit! Congratulations to the both of you, its a beautiful thing to be parents, tiring but still wonderful. Love to you both and hugs for Alana xxx

  3. Lisa field

    Wow!! Jenna she was not waiting around! So happy for u that everything has turned out perfect. Well done u x congratulations. Enjoy every minute. It goes so fast and before u know it u will be prepping her for school xxx

  4. Wow Jenna, what a story?! Congratulations. I agree that birth plans are a waste of time (this is from the mother-of-two that has never had a contraction)! xx

    PS – you could sign up to BritMums, Mumsnet Bloggers and Tots100 now you’re a mummy 😉 x

  5. Eleanor Perfect

    Jenna!! Trust you to have such a dramatic birth 😀 I can’t wait to meet the newest member of the team. Love the name, and love youuuu!!! X

  6. Congratulations to you!!!

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