Seen as I am now on Maternity leave and have all the time in the world to do things, I decided I would try and be a little crafty and make something for Bubba H. I have always drooled over the Leather Suede braided pacifier clip but always been turned off by the price……….I thought that I would try and make one myself and cut the cost of buying one through a US company.

I found all my bits and bobs on amazon: 

img_1411 img_1410 


Yup!! That’s it…that’s all you need!!!!! So instead of paying £15 for one dummy clip I paid £3.69 for 2 dummy clips and leftover cord and clips!! Look……if I can make these, you most definitely can!!! They are so quick and easy to make and here’s how:

  • Measure out your faux suede cord (For the first one I measured 34 inches & for the second one I measured out 20 inches just to give me a shorter clip)


  • Cut the cord in half


  • Take 1 strand, fold it in half and place the loop end underneath something heavy to weigh it down whilst you plait (make sure the loop is big enough to wrap around your dummy)


  • Take the second piece of cord, fold it in half and place the middle underneath the first piece of cord at the top (placing it horizontally underneath the first strand)
  • Take the outer right strand and cross it over the closest 2 strands (middle strands)


  • Take the furthest left strand and cross it over the closest strand and place it vertically with the other 2 strands


  • Then repeat process until you have finished plaiting- take the furthest right strand over the middle 2 strands, cross the furthest left strand over 1 strand and join the vertical strands

img_1427 img_1430

  • Now you are left with 4 bits of strand at the bottom so we need to tie them. Take the 2 outside strands and tie a knot (you can either tie them once or twice to be secure) and then cut off the excess suede

img_1432 img_1433 img_1435 img_1436

  • Take the other two strands and tie a knot close to the plait and then tie another knot a little bit higher leaving a gap big enough to be able to loop the plait through to give a neater finish


img_1437 img_1439 img_1444

  • Grab your clip, thread the two strands through the clip hole and tie a knot or two and cut off the excess strands


img_1445 img_1448 img_1447 img_1451

You now have your  own homemade pacifier/dummy clip for your Bubba!! Hope the steps weren’t too confusing, if you find it easier to watch a how to video I will link the one I watched whilst making mine (Ellie’s World). I would love to see pictures if you try this out!!!



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