I couldn’t resist sharing with you all my amazing Baby Shower from Saturday!! Bubba H, Josh & I were spoilt rotten. I cannot say thank you enough to my beautiful family for organising such a beautiful shower and spending so much time to make it perfect for us!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!


IMG_2195 IMG_2194 IMG_2228 IMG_2196


IMG_2197 IMG_2203

IMG_2246 IMG_2247IMG_2207

IMG_2252 IMG_2237 IMG_2241 IMG_2278 IMG_2276IMG_2260




IMG_2242 IMG_2243 IMG_1382

IMG_2219 IMG_2272

IMG_2225 IMG_2226 IMG_2227  IMG_2229 IMG_2231       IMG_2255  IMG_2266    IMG_8309 IMG_8310 IMG_8321 IMG_8335 IMG_8350 IMG_8352 IMG_2286 IMG_8341 IMG_2287 IMG_2289 IMG_2291IMG_8344 IMG_2295

IMG_2300 IMG_2302 IMG_2327 IMG_2309 IMG_2345  IMG_2346 IMG_2338 IMG_2335 IMG_2308 IMG_2334

IMG_2332 IMG_2357 IMG_2361 IMG_2355 IMG_2353

  Just wanted to say a MAHOUSIVE thank you to everyone that came, for supporting Josh and I  and celebrating our little (I hope) Bubba H!! One of my gifts was to have Liz Woodland from Tinbox memories to come and video the Baby Shower so we are all waiting patiently and cannot wait to see the video!!!


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