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Pregnancy Update: 30 weeks


Okay, don’t panic.. don’t panic.. don’t panic.. oh great, I am panicking!!!


Turning 30 weeks felt like forever away when I found out that we were expecting and now it’s here; I can’t quite believe it!! The next big milestone will be the 40 week one.. due date!!!!!  Eeeeek!!  Obviously I am excited but now it feels just a tad more real/too close!!!

How far along: 30 weeks


Maternity clothes: I now have a big collection of maternity clothes thanks to my friends and family who have passed some of the things they wore whilst pregnant onto me. I have also bought a few more things which I am planning to show you on my next blog post just to give you a heads up when the time comes to buy your own maternity clothes!

Stretch marks: None as of yet! I have still been using Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Cream For Stretch Marks after I have a shower or bath and I still LOVE the smell of that!!

Sleep: Still struggling to sleep throughout the night!! Grrrrrr.. preparation for the baby I know!! I wake up at least 2-3 times a night. The hot weather that we had last week definitely did not help; as soon as the fan turned off I would wake up straight away and then I’d have to put it back on as I could not sleep without it!!

Best moment over the past 10 weeks: I can’t just pick one moment so here’s a few 🙂 Feeling Bubba H have the hiccups for the first time. Making Bubba jump when I put my cold hands on my belly..  know I am cruel right?!  I just love being able to watch my bump grow day by day and seeing/feeling baby move around!

Miss anything:  Same as last time.. particular foods! Being able to squeeze through/round anything.. not anymore.  Being able to paint my own toe nails hahaha!!! I painted them 2 weeks ago and had to take a break after each toe, so now I have to trust Josh to do a good job!  So apologies to whoever sees my toes in the upcoming weeks 🙂

Movement: Yes and I still love it every time Bubba H moves. I love trying to catch it on video as it still takes me by surprise that there is a baby inside of me! Josh and I still love sitting there watching my belly go crazy when we get into bed. I am hoping baby won’t be this much of a wriggler once they are out!

Food cravings:  Still no food cravings, just the fact that I need (or rather want) to eat ALL THE TIME!!

Have you started to show yet:  Definitely!! This belly is definitely protruding outwards and I know it because I have started noticing people just staring at my belly or asking how far along I am.  I enjoy when people ask questions but I am not a fan of the staring unless someone smiles at me afterwards.  It just makes me feel slightly awkward that they are just staring at me and my large belly haaha!!

Gender: We decided not to find out at the scan so it’s still a surprise!! We cannot wait to find out if Bubba H is a boy or a girl!!

Belly button in or out: GAG!!! It’s half in & half out haha!!! It all depends on baby’s position as sometimes if the baby is lying across where my belly button is, it pokes out more than if baby is chilling to the side of my belly.

Wedding rings on or off: Rings are still on but I debated whether to take them off when the weather turned very hot, but now we are back to ‘wintery’ weather, I can keep them on for a few more weeks hopefully!

Looking forward to:  Finishing work.. the walk to and from work is good exercise but blooming kills me and my ankles!! Four and a bit weeks left hopefully! Also looking forward to being able to hold our baby!!!  I cannot believe that in less than 12 weeks (hopefully it won’t even be that far away), we will be holding our baby!! GULP!

Bought anything for the baby: Ermmmm, yeah about that!?  I blame the sales!! Mothercare and Next have had the best sales over the last few weeks! We now have a good stock of boys, girls and unisex bits 🙂 Cannot wait to see baby in them! Also bought baby’s cot-bed; another amazing find during sale-time!

Things I have learnt: I am getting a tad more stressed at some situations than I normally would as I am sure Josh would agree! I’ve learned that I will never take for granted how easy it normally is to put on and tie up your shoes or just getting up and down when I am not pregnant haha! Also, that in the hot weather my feet and ankles balloon which is not fun!

I have loved pretty much every second of this pregnancy – minus the little sick parts and lack of seep – but hey, I would do anything for Bubba H.  Just hurry up and get here already, we need lots and lots of snuggles!!! 

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  1. Such a lovely post. I am excited for our newest family member to arrive! Glad you are enjoying the experience… except for the belly button 😀 lol. Love the video, wow he or she really loves to move! xx

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