I cannot believe that we are half-way through this pregnancy!!! Since the moment we have been able to tell people, time has flown by and I hope it carries on this quickly! I love finding out what new fruit size the baby is every week or what the baby should be experiencing as the pregnancy develops – it is all so exciting and I just cannot wait to meet our little one! I thought I would do a post to help us remember these special times when we look back in the future and to just to share the fun we are having!

How far along: 20 weeks


Maternity clothes: I have only purchased some maternity leggings as I am really disliking anything and everything around my waist.  I have one pair of jeans that still fit;  the rest I can get on but have resorted to the hairband trick on the button haha!! Josh thinks it’s amazing!! Luckily I love baggy tops and have plenty of them so I am still able to get away with most of my normal clothes. Maternity clothes are just SO expensive too so that’s a definite incentive to not use them for as long as possible!

Stretch marks: None as of yet! I have been lathering on the Bio-Oil even though I am not the biggest fan of the smell. I have just started using Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Cream For Stretch Marks and I LOVE the smell of that!!

Sleep: I have started to wake up a few times during the night depending on how tired I am.  I always seem to wake up between 5 – 6am but happily fall straight back to sleep! I love my sleep way too much!

Best moment of this week: We got to see our little baby at our Anomaly Scan! It was possibly one of the best things to see!!

Miss anything: The main things I miss are particular foods haha!! I miss having a ham sandwich or just taking a sneaky slice of ham straight from the fridge! I also miss chorizo & parma ham!!  I especially wanted a Charcuterie board to enjoy recently given the hot summery weather we have had!

Movement: Yes 🙂 I first felt bubba move the day I turned 18 weeks. I was just lying in bed and had my hand on my stomach.  What felt like a massive bubble suddenly popped up in my belly, and then 2 more, one right after the other. I texted Josh as I didn’t want to shout and scare the baby haha, but by the time he got into the bedroom bubba had stopped! Such a crazy moment, I can’t wait to start feeling kicks! Yes I know, when I am 38 weeks and baby won’t stop kicking me I am sure I will not be as excited for the kicks haha!  Josh felt a couple of little kicks in the middle of the 19th week which he absolutely loved but he looks forward to feeling them more often and stronger.  It was so special to see the excitement on his face!

Food cravings: I haven’t had any specific cravings but I just desire crisps ALL the time, especially salt and vinegar twirls and crunch sticks hahaha!!  For once in my life I actually don’t feel like eating chocolate and I have to be in the mood for sweet sugary treats if I am to eat them!

Have you started to show yet: In the mornings I just look like I need to go to the toilet but as the day progresses so does my belly size!!  I always look the biggest on a Sunday afternoon which is pretty funny!!

Gender: Not sure and we won’t be finding out!!!  We were slightly tempted at the latest scan but we managed to not give in and baby made sure to keep his/her legs crossed so that was confirmation that we shouldn’t find out!!

Belly button in or out: This question makes me feel sick haha! If you know me well, you would know I hate the word ‘navel’ or anything to do with belly buttons so thankfully belly button is still in so I do not have to see it hahaha!!!

Wedding rings on or off: Well after what happened to Sam Bowles’ finger, I may just have to take my wedding rings off forever now! GAG!! Rings are still on for now though.

Looking forward to:  Baby kicking more frequently so Josh can feel the bubba more often!!

Bought anything for the baby: A bottle kit from Mothercare as it was more than half price off and came with every gadget going so we couldn’t resist; a few baby grows. Carseat, Carseat base for the car and baby’s buggy 🙂 🙂

Things I have learnt: I need to carry a bag full of snacks because if I don’t eat when I am hungry, I end up being sick…oh the joys!!  That I will faint after having my blood taken hahaha – yes that did happen and Josh think it was the funniest thing to witness as I ended up in the weirdest position on the floor, with my feet by my head as he lowered me ‘gracefully’ down to the ground!! Fair to say my dance background helped with my flexibility hahaha!!

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