For about 3 years now I have been begging Josh to have a little post-wedding shoot as I really wanted to get some more photos of us in our wedding attire (technically only I was actually in my wedding dress, but Josh was dressed in our wedding colours at least) and to get a few natural shots.  So, after falling pregnant and realising I may never fit back into my wedding dress, time was of the essence and we had to organise to have a few photos taken QUICKLY!!!  Despite being 15 weeks pregnant, I still managed to squeeze (and by squeeze I mean literally back cleavage and everything haha!!) into my wedding dress! We were lucky enough to have Josh’s beautiful sister Jodie available to take our photos in a woody area by their family home in Gloucester.  I am so in love with the photos and cannot wait to get them all printed and stuck around the house.  And I figured that it was only fair to share them on here for you all to see.  I felt like a princess once again and had I not been struggling to breathe the whole time, I know I wouldn’t have taken it off!!!



IMG_1293 IMG_1319

IMG_1272 IMG_1307_2




IMG_1343 IMG_1348


IMG_1354 IMG_1356


IMG_1378 IMG_1379_2

IMG_1397_2 IMG_1403_2

 IMG_1417 IMG_1424


IMG_1432 IMG_1433


IMG_1470 IMG_1487 IMG_1508

  IMG_1538_2 IMG_1545


IMG_1560 IMG_1562


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